Think Green, Live Green, Save Green, Embrace Green!

The Mobius Company Drude S. Corbet Offerings

Drude created the idea of “Mobius living”, living compassionately in the world by honoring Mother Earth – her land, air, water and inhabitants. Drude acts a consultant on projects as it relates to sustainable living, managing renewable energy, building green and using alternative fuels. He specifically works with retail homebuilders and developers who express a desire to build a sustainable, energy-efficient home utilizing renewable resources while preserving the environment. Drude also works with these builders and developers to educate them about the building green industry in all its aspects, such as state and federal funding alternatives, bank incentives, training options and latest technologies. In addition, Drude acts as a consultant to retail homeowners who are looking to enhance their current living conditions and put more disposable income back into their pockets. He performs “Mobius living” audits of a home and makes recommendations as to available options. With respect to homebuyers, Drude acts as a consultant to advise them of “green” options that meet their needs, save money, are environmentally friendly and provide healthy living conditions. Drude is one of the first graduates in the Certificate Program in Renewable Energy Diploma Series at North Carolina State and a member of the North Carolina State Energy Association and the United States Green Building Council.

As a teacher, Drude offers classes in order to educate consumers so that they are empowered to Live Green, $ave Green, a way to put disposable income back into their pockets, while creating an environmentally-friendly and healthy home! He also provides them with the knowledge and confidence to be able to seek out homebuilders that are environmentally friendly and build with sustainable living in mind.

Drude started practicing dowsing as a child with his father in Ontario, Canada. Most people are familiar with the idea of “witching” a well. This ancient dowsing practice is often characterized by someone using a forked branch from a willow tree to find underground water. Drude and his dad assisted others in their community to find water for well sites. Through additional training with Joey Korn and Ramon Grace, both world-renowned dowsers, Drude has expanded his dowsing skills and techniques. He not only does he dowse for water, but he dowses to identify and neutralize electro-magnetic fields and other non-beneficial phenomena in the environment and individuals. Drude is a member of the American Society of Dowsers.

As an inventor, Drude looks to take old tools and combines them with the newest technologies in inventive ways to transform the way we live. In his role as a futurist, Drude challenges others to think outside the box so that we remain one with the flow of nature. His work looks to maintain the delicate balance of earth’s ecosystems.

Fees range in price depending on the size and scope of projects.
Discounts are available for not-for-profits and similar organizations.