Dowsing is a method of accessing the repository of unlimited knowledge, referred to by Carl Jung, as the “collective unconscious” or the “superconscious mind”. When you practice “divining” another term for dowsing, you are engaged in a dialogue with your Higher Self who assists you in taping into this “collective unconscious”.

Most people are somewhat familiar with the idea of “witching” a well. This dowsing practice is ancient and is often characterized by someone using a tool – most likely a forked branch from a willow tree – to find water for the site of a future well. Most commonly, the branch “bends” over the site where water is located.

Drude started practicing dowsing as a child with his father in Canada. His father and he were able to assist others in their community to find water for future well sites. Since moving to the United States, he has taken classes with several well-known dowsers. He has fine-tuned his dowsing techniques so that – in addition to dowsing for underground water – he dowses for other phenomena as well – no pun intended! Drude’s practice today focuses mainly on dowsing for harmful electro-magnetic fields and other harmful phenomena in your home and environment.

Through his dowsing, Drude seeks to preserve the union of man and nature so that they are never at odds with each other. He is a member of the American Society of Dowsers.