Drude created the idea of “Mobius living”, living compassionately in the world by honoring Mother Earth – her land, air, water and inhabitants. Drude acts a consultant on projects as it relates to sustainable living, managing renewable energy, building green and using alternative fuels. Drude works with builders and developers to educate them about the building green industry in all its aspects, such as state and federal funding alternatives, bank incentives, training options and latest technologies. In addition, Drude works with homeowners who are looking to enhance their current living conditions and put more disposable income back into their pockets. His goal is to help homeowners create energy-efficient homes that use renewable energy and sustainable materials while providing healthy living conditions. He performs home energy audits and makes recommendations as to available “green” options. Drude served as the Renewable Energy Construction Advisor on Project Live Green, the Charlotte Business Journal’s 2008 Green Award Winner for Residential Remodeling Project.