Mobius Living

The Mobius Strip is a symbol of continuity, union, balance and transformation. Drude created the idea of “Mobius living” – living compassionately in the world by honoring Mother Earth – her land, air, water and inhabitants!

“Mobius living” is about living in such a way that:

  • the continuity of nature is not disrupted; we remain one with the flow of nature
  • the union between humanity and nature is present in every aspect of living so that they are never at odds with each other
  • the delicate balance in Earth’s ecosystems is maintained
  • we take old tools and technology and combine them with new inventions to transform the way we live in the world.

Drude acts as a consultant, teacher, dowser and inventor/futurist on projects as they relate to sustainable living, managing renewable energy, building green, and using alternative fuels.