About Drude

Drude S. Corbet, co-founder of The Mobius Company serves as a consultant, teacher, dowser and inventor/futurist on projects as they relate to sustainable living, renewable energy, building green and the use of alternative fuels. In addition, Drude is the creator of “Mobius living”, living compassionately in the world by honoring Mother Earth – her land, air, water and inhabitants.

As a “green” enthusiast, Drude, in partnership with Kelly McArdle Construction, completed the Mean Lean Dream Green home in New Hope Township in Iredell County, North Carolina at the end of 2009.

The home is the third home in the state of North Carolina to achieve the Platinum Level LEED for Homes™ certification, the highest level certification awarded by LEED for Homes™. Similarly, the home is the second home in the state of North Carolina to achieve the Gold Level NAHB National Green Building Standard™ certification, the second highest level of certification awarded by NAHB. According to the Department of Energy’s E-Scale, the home’s 52 HERS rating is indicative of the fact that this “average home” will use about half the energy of a home built to code, thus resulting in the Builders Challenge™ certification.

Drude was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. He started practicing dowsing as a child with his father. Most people are familiar with the idea of “witching” a well. This ancient practice is often characterized by someone using a forked branch from a willow tree to find underground water. Drude and his dad assisted others in their community to find water for well sites.

Before there was such a thing as “building green”, Drude was helping friends and neighbors build homes from old barns and recycled materials. Likewise, he loved to tinker with cars – as most British Canadians do! When the Canadian government launched an effort to encourage the use of alternative fuels 30 years ago, Drude was certified to convert gasoline engines to propane. He continually “tweaks” his cars to improve on gas mileage, efficiencies, performance and to run cleaner. Over the years, Drude lost touch with his “green side” as he pursued careers in industrial management with jobs in various sectors of manufacturing, including the automotive industry.

After moving to the United States, Drude embarked on a career transition from manufacturing to Information Technology. He earned a technical degree from DeVry University and has held various positions within the banking industry. Up until late 2004, Drude was a Vice President with Bank of America. When the opportunity presented itself, Drude left the corporate world and went back to school. He was one of the first graduates in the Certificate Program in The Renewable Energy Diploma Series at North Carolina State. Drude was finally living his passion.

In his capacity of consultant, Drude works with homeowners to create energy-efficient homes that use renewable energy and sustainable materials while providing healthy living conditions. He performs home energy audits and makes recommendations as to available “green” options.  Likewise, Drude teaches classes to educate individuals so that they have the confidence to be able to seek “green” options that meet their needs, put disposable income back into their pockets, are environmentally friendly and are healthy!  In addition, he works with homebuilders to educate them about the building green industry in all its aspects, such as state and federal funding alternatives, bank incentives, training options and the latest technologies.

Through additional training with Joey Korn and Ramon Grace, both world-renowned dowsers, Drude has expanded his dowsing skills and techniques as well. Not only does he dowse for water, but he dowses to identify and neutralize harmful electro-magnetic fields and other non-beneficial phenomena in the environment and individuals.

In addition to his “earthly” pursuits, Drude has co-facilitated several classes on the Enneagram, an ancient tool for self-awareness with practical, everyday application. Drude is a Hurley/Donson Certified Enneagram Teacher and a member of the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association and the American Society of Dowsers. In his spare time, Drude enjoys any work with his hands and challenging others to “think outside the box”.