A View of Our Land
18 acres in North Iredell
Two Streams, Open Pasture/Woods

A View of Our Land
Previous Farmland
Underground Springs Abound!

Drude calculating True South
using the sun’s shadow for
Passive Solar Design

Drude working with surveyor
to locate optimum site with
least elevation variance

Recycle Center on home-site

Documented Negligible Waste

Preventative Radon Remidiation
Perforated PVC Pipe
Inexpensive/Easy “insurance”

Water Distribution Manifold
Centrally located in Conditioned Attic
Water Conservation, Energy-Efficient

Insulated HVAC Ductwork
Solid Galvanized Piping
Very High Energy-Efficient

DOW SIS(TM) External Sheathing
Locally-produced, Recyled Brick
Added R-Value, Energy-Efficient

Johns Mansville Climate Pro(TM)
Blown-in Fiberglass Insulation
Very Energy-Efficient, R-4.23

Insulated Master Bath Bath Tub
Wrapped in Fiberglass
Energy-Efficient, Water Conservation

BRAE(TM) Rain Catchment System
1700 Gallon Capacity – In-ground
Very High Water Conservation

Simple 2404 sq. ft. Ranch Style
Light Color Brick Exterior
Locally produced, Recycled Product

Our Front Entrance
Shoe Cubby to store shoes
Healthy & Improves Indoor Air Quality

“Scrap” Ambrosia Maple Cabinet Doors
CFP PureBond(TM) Cabinets
Locally produced and Healthy Products

Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances
Wilsonart Laminate Countertops
Very HIgh-Efficiency, Local, Healthy Products

Firepace to act as back-up Heat Source
Low Cathedral Ceilings to minimize heat loss

Study French Doors Lead to Living Space
Light and Winter Sun Stream into Living Space
Concrete Floor acts as Heat Sink

See-through Fireplace shared with Living Space
Door to Back Patio off Master Bedroom

Screened Porch Facing North
Cool in the Summer

Two Sinks in Master Bath
New/Recycled Cabinet from Kitchen “mistake”
High Water Conservation

Master Bath with Tub and Shower
Stained Glass allows light to flow into room
Simple Design, Very High-Efficiency Fixtures